Proverbs 16:9 NKJV

“A mans heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

A lot of Christians don’t realize that making plans is Biblical. In
making plans a Christian should always refer to the clear black and white counsel of the word of God in an attitude of prayer, then secondly to people you would consider as having godly wisdom.

Making plans does not restrict the freedom of the Holy Spirit to work, since you should include the Holy Spirit in the plan making process. Having plans actually gives you a more organized way to let the Spirit work freely. When you have a plan you can be more flexible to let that plan change and not stress out about details. If you don’t plan and just go with the flow you will find yourself working ten times harder in the end, in order to bring all those details together at the last minute.

Before the Lord gave me the go ahead to become a Missionary He impressed upon me the importance of making plans. Through prayer of asking for wisdom I decided the best idea was to continue my classes for Theology online while going on the mission field, so that I could kill two birds with one stone. In about two years ill have a fully accredited BA in Theology. At that point I can probably use it to support myself anywhere I go if I need to. Paul the Apostle had a trade of tent making, college degrees can just be the modern equivalent to that.

So this being my first blog post I should probably tell you my plan for having this blog in the first place. In June I leave to finally become a foreign missionary in Ecuador, this blog is for people to follow along in my adventures but also to learn some of the lessons I am learning. May you be blessed and grow in the grace of God.

The biggest adventure in life is here and now, when heaven comes to earth that will be the time to hang your sword on the wall and tell of the quests taken in service to the King of Kings. If you wait till you sit in the city of light in the kingdom of heaven to start living in His service then it will be too late to have adventures… the time is now. Will you have stories of battle and glory to tell at the table of the King, or will you be simply silent?

© 2012, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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