Gathering the Tools

Proverbs 24:27 NKJV

“Prepare your outside work, Make it fit for yourself in the field; And afterward build your house.”

Before building a house, there is a whole lot of preparation that goes into it. The architect must draw up the plans, the foreman must secure the resources and man power, etc. The same is true when working for the Lord, there should be a lot of preparation that goes into it. That doesn’t mean you don’t remain flexible throughout the building processes, but it also shouldn’t excuse us from making plans before we set to work on something.

Before going to Ecuador there have been a lot of things in the way of preparation. Our church (Calvary Chapel of Phelan) has been involved in sending missionaries and mission teams to Ecuador for over a decade now. They planted a church in Cuenca, Ecuador almost 15 years or so ago and it has been very successful. They are known for doing children’s ministries around the city of  Cuenca and have a good reputation amongst believers and non-believers alike. This year our church is sending a team of 7 to go for a week to encourage and strengthen the brethren down there, as well as participate in Childrens Ministries (we will be putting on at least two different Vacation Bible Schools in two cities), as well as some other teaching ministries and possibly visiting an orphanage or two.

This last Sunday we spent some time learning Children’s Worship songs in Spanish, accompanied with little dance movements to lead the kids at the VBS (Vacation Bible School) in worship. Actually, doing a VBS was the first thing I ever did to serve the Lord. It was in those first four months of summer right before I went to Bible College. Doing that VBS at Calvary Chapel of Phelan taught me how much fun and fulfilling it was to serve the Lord, even though I had to overcome my feelings of being uncomfortable while acting a bit silly and foolish to do so.

I am thankful that I am not going alone, the team will be with me from June 17th until the 29th. The only difference is my ticket is one way and theirs isn’t.

Once I get to Cuenca I will be serving as an assistant to Pastor Freddy in Calvary Chapel Cuenca, where I will possibly be helping to teach the English Bible study (they have three Sunday services, 2 are in Spanish and 1 is in English). Other then that my goal is to just strengthen and encourage that church, to make disciples and raise up leaders, teach and preach God’s Word, evangelize, help bring more order, and just do anything else that the Lord has for me. I am planning for being there around two years or so, then going on to some other South American or Central American country if the Lord will’s it. But, I am open for that plan to change into what ever God wants… eventually though I believe God when He says He is sending me to the nations and that is exactly what I want to do, go to all the nations.

So hopefully you have some things in mind now that you can join me in prayer for. The team members are Zeke Flores, Blanca Flores, Amanda, Kristina, Erika, Edward, and myself. Zeke will be leading the team along with his wife, Blanca (Zeke is actually the pastor of Calvary Phelan). We are asking that you would pray for us, and pray for Ecuador how ever the Lord leads you to pray.

I plan to keep giving periodic mission updates under this category, I am hoping to do a day by day update during the short term missions trip with possibly one person from the team making a short comment on something they learned that day or some way that they were blessed. If it turns out we are too busy for that then I will have them write the same thing and share them with you after the trip is over. Either way, I will still be doing the day by day so you can follow along with us and pray for current things that need to be prayed for.

So, keep checking back to hear more about what God is doing in Ecuador this summer and beyond.

Be Blessed,


P.S. Thought you might appreciate some pictures of us learning songs for the VBS.

Trying to figure it out, and having fun while doing so.

Almost Pros now, que bueno!

© 2012, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved. 

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