Day 7 for the Phelan Team

2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV

“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Today began as every day should, in prayer. Zeke, Eddie and I went to the church prayer meeting early this morning, thankfully I was able to sneak next door and grab a cup of coffee before we began. Since the missions house was being used by the girls they combined the mens and womans prayer group togther for the day. It was interesting to see that most of the women literally spent their time in prayer on their knees, the whole time. I couldn’t help but realize how I have been neglecting prayer and reading with being so busy lately, its not that I don’t do it only that I want to do it more.

After that we headed out to Uncovia (a neighborhood in Cuenca where there is another Calvary Chapel) to help with a children’s club (basically like Sunday school). I can’t tell you how good Lorena is at what she does, she really is gifted in children’s ministry. We started out by doing our worship songs from the VBS and then Lorena told the story of Joseph, complete with felt board figures and sound effects. I couldn’t help but hope that her work would somehow continue, since it had been very effective. She will be getting married soon and will no longer be a Missionary, but she might help out still at Uncovia if she can.

We then returned to the mission house to make last minute preparations for the woman’s conference. Once the conference began the guys became the baby sitters. One little girl walked straight on in and plopped her head on my lap and with a hug clung on. When I tried to peal her off I saw tears in her eyes. “Estas cansada nina?” I asked. She nodded yes and I let her stay like that for the next ten minutes until I picked her up and let her sleep on my lap. Loving kids like this doesn’t come easy to me, all the more to learn on the Lord for. While holding I made friends with Hongee and Anaya, two kids from the English speaking service. We had a lot of fun reinacting Star Wars scenes after I put the little girl on a couch to sleep.

Blanca told me her study went great. They wanted to do something that would bless all the woman here at Cavarillo because they always do so much for us when we come. It was our turn to serve the servers.

The day wasn’t over yet though, since Freddy, Zeke, Eddie and I still had to head to Gualaceo (a different town about 30 minutes away) to do a Bible study at another Calvary there. Eddie did his testimony there and I was just so blown away by how well he did. It was his first time ever sharing a testimony like that, and even though he says he was so nervous that he doesn’t remember what he said, he seemed like a seasoned pro. After that Zeke gave the perfect study on how youth can be used for God, which was very appropriate since a lot of the church is youth. Freddy tells me Gualaceo is a spiritual battle ground, there is a lot of opposition from Jehovah’s Witnesses there and other groups.


Calvary Chapel Gualaceo


Eddie sharing his testimony.


Zeke preaching it up.


Zeke and Eddie talking to the pastor in Gualaceo (Jimmy)

When we returned we found the Missions house was over run by estrogen. They had thrown Lorena a bridal shower while we were gone.

I am thinking that this may become a regular schedule for me, minus the bridal shower encounter.

Until tomorrow,

2 responses to “Day 7 for the Phelan Team

  1. Oh Matt, thank you so much for your blog. It makes me feel like I right there with you guys. I know the Lord will do great things with you, through you and for you. I will look forward, with antisapation, to read everything you write. Give huge hugs to everyone from me.

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