Day 9 for the Phelan Team

Philippians 4:13 ESV

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

This was the verse of the day on my phone today. I had put it as the verse for my post yesterday, but I guess the Lord knew I needed to hear it twice,  which really comforts me a lot. Maybe you needed to hear it twice too.

Today we woke up to frozen eggs, frozen milk, frozen fruit, every thing that was in the fridge froze. The other day when I saw how many things were in there I turned the fridge temperature a little colder, apparently it works really well, in fact a little too well.


Frozen milk anyone?

After that we went into el Centro to do some shopping, I got some pretty awesome things for pretty cheap, one of which was a machete (you know to decorate my room and make it feel more homey of course). I give the Spampinato’s credit for teaching me their bargaining skills. That said though walking through el Centro is always a little stressful, especially with a bunch of girls since you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings and looking out for their safety. I wasn’t one to carry a knife often when I was back in California but now I don’t go out without it. The girls were really good though and everything went well, even though a tough looking gringo that I met in el Centro jokingly said he would rob me later (it was one of those times where someone makes a joke and you half wonder if they are serious). I just jokingly (and half seriously) told him I had my knife as I patted it in my pocket. Needless to say I want to learn Kung Fu more every day.



La Catedral in El Centro


La Catedral

After getting all our treasures we headed back to the houses/church to get ready for the VBS in Uncovia. I was in a hurry to be back by 12 since Zeke had invited the gringos to help with the VBS and one of them, named Ryan, said he was going to be there to help. Ryan ended up showing up, as well as Chealsy (not sure on the spelling) and her two kids Yongii and Anaya. I can already tell Ryan is going to be a big help. He is a single guy who just moved to Cuenca and is still looking for a job so he has a bunch of free time and wants to serve.

The VBS had a slow start, at first I wondered if anyone was going to show up due to all the rain. Eventually though the place was packed. I want to say there were maybe 60 kids there or so. Amazing. And all of them singing to and learning about Jesus. Overall. everything went really well, God really uses children’s ministries to reach people here.


Tengo tanto, tanto, tanto para agradecer


Erika, as always, was a big hit with the kids.


Blanca and Amanda

For me most of the days work ended when we got back to Tres Puentes (Uncovia and Tres Puentes are different neighborhoods in Cuenca). The girls still had a woman’s Bible study to go to (those holy women, they do a lot around here). Zeke and Blanca burned the candles even longer and went to a couples home without the group to do some counseling after the woman’s meeting was over. We are all gonna sleep good when this mission trip is over, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow we still have our last day of VBS in Uncovia (only a few more Spanish rap solos to go) but I’m sure it will be another full day.

Hasta luego,

4 responses to “Day 9 for the Phelan Team

  1. Mateo! Looks cold over there. you wont need to learn kung fu if you walk around with your machete. lol when the Lord gives you frozen fruit…..make liquados.

  2. We’re loving the updates Matt! I look forward to reading them every night. We are praying that God continues to work in and through all of you for His glory and the good of the group and the church.

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