Day 11 for the Phelan Team.

Acts 11:23 NKJV

When he came and had seen the grace of God, he was glad, and encouraged them all that with purpose of heart they should continue with the Lord.

I’m not going to lie I was totally going to skip writing tonight, but I felt bad since I knew I said I would post every day while the Phelan team was here.

Today was our one free day, and we spent it shopping (seems like we were shopping half the time we were here). Blanca needed to buy more stuff for the BLOSSOM ministry since they sell what they buy here in order to help support missionaries. It’s always a little stressful going into El Centro though. I had my eyes on a few guys today who spent a lot of time waking through our group and looking at our pockets. When we were in a very touristy shop today I may have over reacted some, but better safe then sorry. I saw a guy eyeing one of our bags that we had our backs turned to so I picked it up and put it next to me. That same guy went into the shop, which I thought was strange since he didn’t look the type to go in a tourist shop (He was Ecuadorian). I just kept my eyes on him the whole time. As he was walking out and by me I felt a tug on my backpack and what I thought was a ripping noise. I yelled out hey and grabbed him by the arm and looked to see if he had taken anything. Sometimes thieves will cut a small hole in your backpack and pull things out without you noticing, but my backpack is for rock climbing so it is really durable and resistant to tearing. Its possible that he tried and failed, or its possible that I was just on such high alert that I overreacted. When I saw nothing in his hands I appologized. Either way though we made it through without any other incidents.

I was also able to finally get a cell phone and check to see if my bank would let me pull out cash. Both work great.

Later on that night I taught and Kristina shared her testimony. I shared on the life of Barnabas, who he was and what he did, through as mini survey as seen in the book of Acts. I had originally prepared and used this study for the Firm Foundation Friday before I left, but it fit perfectly with what I felt was going on here and what God was calling me to do.

After that we headed back to the Missions house to hang out with some people from the church. We taught Diego spoons (extreme spoons, its hilarious, ask someone from the youth group to play it with you, but you must specifically ask for the extreme version). What began as a time of laughter and fellowship quickly faded into an emotional farewell. It is always the hardest part of coming here, leaving that is.

As for me though the mission has only begun. I have much more work to continue here. My prayers for this can be narrowed down to one word: help. I am not afraid though, for I know the Lord is with me. From here on out when you read my posts it wont be about the Phelan team, instead your stuck with just me, sorry. Maybe I can talk people into making guest posts to keep it interesting, well see.

I hope that as you have been following the Phelan team you have been blessed, but more then that I hope you have been challanged to live like your on a mission for Christ, no matter where you are or who you are.

I know I speak for the group and myself when I say thank you. Thank you all for all your support and prayers. May God return the blessing you have given to us.

1 Kings 2:2 NKJV

“I go the way of all the earth; be strong, therefore, and prove yourself a man.”

7 responses to “Day 11 for the Phelan Team.

  1. Don’t be sorry Matt I look forward to reading all of you blogs, and to what the Lord will be doing in your life and the lives of those you touch.

  2. Matt, Thanks for blogging even when you are so tired, we have been reading & praying for you and the team everyday and will continue to pray for you continuing on the Lord’s journey for you there. Reading your posts and hearing how the Good News is being spread we feel blessed just being a part of Calvary Phelan.

  3. HI Matt. If your interested you send me an email directly so i can get you some web resources. I would like to push some stuff your way to see if you can use some file hosting space, and some PHP application development expertise. Take care.

  4. Praise God for answering prayer; you’re adjusting quickly! Take care Matt; I will be keeping you in prayer!

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