Seeing is Believing

“Pursue peace with all [people], and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:” Hebrews 12:14

There are two main things that reveal the unseen God visibly in the lives of those who know Him; peace and holiness. When we pursue peace with all people, no matter if they are pursuing peace with us or not, it shows what God looks like. God is a God of peace, and He desires that we be at peace with Him and with each other. Peace is not always possible, but He is always pursuing it. When we walk this way we show to those who do not know God and cannot visibly see God what He looks like and how He is.

There is a saying that I think applies well with this idea, “You might be the only Bible someone will ever read”. Many people will never take the time to open up the Bible and see for themselves what God is like, but they can read the Bible as they see how you live what the Bible teaches. This is where holiness comes in. Strong’s defines the word for holiness in the Greek as “consecration, purification, the effect of purification, (and the idea of) sanctification of heart and life.”

How can you prove that God exists? You can’t see God, and very few will believe in something they can’t see. The way we live our life, if it is lived in holiness, can prove the existence of God. When they see that you live in a way that is pure and consecrated to God, despite all the pleasures of the world at your fingertips, they will ask why would anyone deny themselves these things, and better yet they will ask how can anyone be so happy denying these things?

The importance of pursing peace with all people, while at the same time living a sanctified and pure life, cannot be understated for the Christian. The Christian church has lost the power of its witness for the lack of application of these two concepts. No one lives holy anymore and no one truly seeks peace with all people.

If you want people to see God, you are going to have to let them see Him in you first.

Something to think about,


2 responses to “Seeing is Believing

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Matt! I definitely agree that the church has lost the power of its witness with the absence of these concepts… that is why it is imperitive that we as individuals strive to live our lives in a manner worthy of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!

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