Give Thanks

“Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever!” Psalm 136:1

I had read part of this Psalm earlier this week through the verse of the day app on my phone. I was encouraged to see that the mercy of my God endures forever. At this time I was in need of being reminded how much mercy God has for me and that it never runs out- that it endures forever. The word mercy there can be translated to “steadfast love” as it is in some translations. This truly is the mercy of the Lord, that He faithfully and steadfastly loves us forever.

I happen to have two Bible apps on my phone; the reason being is that they have different verses of the day which I always find myself in need of reading. It just so happens that a few days later the other app had the same verses, but this time when I read it the parts that stuck out were the parts about giving thanks to the LORD because He is good and because His mercy endures forever. It is so encouraging to be reminded by the Lord that His mercy for us is never ending, but when we realize this it should be a cause for genuine thanksgiving.

Psalm 136 lists 26 verses of things that the Psalmist is thankful for, and for 26 verses the phrase “For His mercy endures forever” is repeated. After reading this song you can be sure of one thing- that God’s mercy endures forever. Very few times is anything repeated so often in the Bible and so close together. This is something that God wants us to be sure that we know- especially since He knows how much we need to know it.

Most of us, who are American anyway, just got done celebrating thanksgiving this last Thursday where we remembered the things that we were thankful for. Perhaps though there was one thing we forgot to thank God for, and it is the one thing we need the most. His mercy. God has shown us mercy by giving us revelation of Himself, by providing the way to have eternal life through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, and the beautiful steadfast love that we can know through faith in His name.

Thank You LORD, for you are good. Thank you that your mercy endures forever.


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