Communication is Key


“These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication…” Acts 1:14a

One of the main characteristics of the early church was prayer. They were always praying, but one of the most important qualities of their prayer is that they were always in one accord. To be in one accord in prayer is essential, but it is my opinion that a lot of time spent in prayer with other Christians will bring about this one accord if it does not yet exist.

Jesus taught us that when we pray we are to go into our room alone, shut the door and pray in secret, all the while avoiding the tendency to be repetitive (Matthew 6:6-7). Although the bulk of our prayer life should be in private and in secret that doesn’t mean we are not to spend time with other Christians in public prayer. It just means that in our public prayer we don’t list off all the things that should have already been taken care of in private prayer.

Here in the first chapter of acts we see the early church waiting on the Lord in prayer and offering up supplications, or requests. Meeting together and praying was an important part of worship for the early church, and every time we see them coming together for prayer something amazing happens after. In this instance they choose who will take the place of Judas in the twelve. In Acts 4:31 we see that coming together in prayer resulted in a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit and the subsequent boldness to speak the Word of God without fear.

All in all, Christians are to be praying- first in private and in secret then in public and without hypocrisy. It is in prayer that we talk to God and that He talks back to us, usually through the Scriptures, and it is in prayer that God accomplishes His will in and through us. A healthy church is a praying church. It has been said you can know how popular the preacher is by who shows up on Sunday, but you know how popular Jesus is by who shows up to the prayer meetings.

In any relationship communication is key, how can you expect that your relationship with God would be any different?

2 responses to “Communication is Key

  1. Prayer is our way of communicating with the Lord and we need to do it to grow that relationship. Our relationship with God develops like all other relationships by spending time with the person, in this case the Lord. We spend too much time talking and reading about prayer and not enough time actually praying. Thanks for the reminder to spend time with Him daily.

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