“Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man?” Proverbs 20:6  


So many people will tell you about how good they are, or how much experience they have in this or that, but to find a faithful man…. That is something entirely different.


The faithful man is not the one that goes about bragging about how much they know, how much they have, how much they have done, etc. No, the faithful man quietly and simply goes about and does what the other man boasts of and never says a word about it.


To those who are stewards of the mystery of God, what is it that they are required to be found of? Faithful. The number one thing that you need to be a good minister of God, a good servant of the Lord, is not ability or experience- it’s faithfulness. Will you be faithful to the Word of God? Will you be faithful with the little things that God puts in your path? Will you be faithful to the people that God allows you to minister with and to?


The importance of faithfulness, of being reliable, cannot be understated. So many people can have so many ideas, and even start out in them, but if you are not faithful in them they will come to nothing. You can know the Word of God inside and out, but if you are not faithful to it then it won’t matter how much you know of it. You can have a million people that you are pouring into, but if you’re not faithful to each and every one of them then you will lose them to the world. Just focus on being faithful. You may not think you are the best Bible teacher, or the best singer, or the best musician, but I would rather serve alongside someone I knew I could rely on to show up than the most professional of any of these.


God has been faithful to us, it is time we start being faithful back.

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