The Right Way, Or Is It?

“There is a way that seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.” Proverbs 16:25 AMP

At times there are certain ways that seem right to us, by all appearances it seems like a straight path, but it is because we are looking at things from the perspective of a man. At the end of that certain path, which to us seems so easy and inviting and even right, lies the way of death. What a brutal and short stop to something that seemed to us so right.

This is why we must not always trust in that which seems right to us. The key word here is seems. It seems right, but it is not. We must consider well our ways and the way that we wish to take lest we find ourselves in the very way of death.

How do you check you way? You must go to the Lord in prayer and seek the truth containd the the written Word of God to get His divine counsel. Ask Him, Lord the way that I am taking, where does it lead? It seems right to me, but I cannot see much further beyond the bend. God can see the whole picture and it is wise to trust more so in what way He leads than that one which to us seems so right.

Think of how many decisions you made based on what you thought seemed right, or felt right, even though it might have been against what you knew the Bible taught or perhaps what God convicted you to do, how did that path way turn out? He was right wasn’t He? We cannot base our path based on things that seem right, we must walk on the sure truth of what we know to be right. The only place you are going to find things that you know to be right will be found in the Word of God, so let it be your test and your guide as you make decisions.

Ask yourself, is this something I can Biblically back up? If not then it is not a right way, no matter how right it seems. The best example of this is Eve, to her it seemed right to disobey God and to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and yet it was a way that led to death and not only for her but later for Adam and consequently the rest of mankind.

It is time to stop trusting in what seems right to us and to start trusting in what we know to be right. After all, aren’t you tired of feeling lost? Aren’t you tired of finding yourself in a pathway of death, of suffering, of pain? It is time to let God lead you before it is too late.


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