Hard Labor Pays


Wealth [gained by] dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase. Proverbs 13:11

Did you know that the Bible has a lot to say about making wealth? About how to make money and to do it successfully?

We can thank God that it does, because it can fly in the face of the expectations and pressures that come upon us daily when faced with decisions on how to be a Christian in a world of business. We are constantly tempted to cut corners, to make slightly dishonest (or maybe really dishonest) transactions. Yet the wisdom contained in the Proverbs gives us the right perspective, and the big picture, and saves us from making the mistakes that are so easy to fall into.

Solomon, a man who was in his time unsurpassed in wealth and power, recorded for us some of his secrets that he learned over a lifetime spent in the counsel of the Lord. We are told that wealth gained dishonestly will diminish. Often times when we are tempted to gain wealth dishonestly it is because it is right there staring us in the face, and it is tempting because it is often quickly available to those who will do it dishonestly. Dishonesty though always comes at a price; a price that causes that quickly gained wealth to just as quickly diminish.

It is better to be honest, even though being honest costs us much more labor, because it is something that pays off in the end and something that is yours- you earned it fair and square. Work hard and put in the hours and little by little, laboriously albeit, you will increase in wealth. The good news though is that no one will be able to take it from you since you gained it honestly.

After that though comes the next test of faith, will you give the LORD His portion? This too is a test of faith, yet it is one of the few things that the Lord says it is OK for us to test Him in. Give Him His portion, His 10 percent, and He will bless you back for it.

Honor the LORD with your possessions, And with the first-fruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine. Proverbs 3:9-10

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