Just Chill and Help Heal


“Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and [that] there be no divisions among you, but [that] you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” 1 Cor. 1:10

God hates division among Christians, did you know? If we believe in Jesus then we have become part of His body. What if your foot decided it no longer liked its leg and wanted to be separate from it… what would happen to that foot? It would surely die. All parts of the body are important and need each other for it to function as it was designed to.

Paul was pleading, although he had the apostolic right to demand, with the Corinthians because some had begun to say “I am of Paul” or “I am of Apollos” or “I am of Christ”. They began to make distinctions on who they were of, of who was the one who baptized them. The truth is no one is of no one when they become Christians, they are all part of the same body of Christ.

The word for divisions in the Greek here is schismata and it carries the idea of tearing or ripping. The Christians were tearing and ripping apart the body of Christ through their pride and disagreements. Barclay in speaking of the meaning of being “perfectly joined together” said it was “A medical word used of knitting together bones that have been fractured, or joining together a joint that has been dislocated. The disunion is unnatural and must be cured.”

The only way we are ever going to overcome divisions in the church is to become one in mind and judgment. To be one in mind is to have the same type of thinking on something; in this case it would require the Corinthians to change their way of thinking and to come together and agree on what Paul was trying to instruct them in.

If you’re looking for a perfect church you may as well just give up because you will never have a perfect church until Christ Himself comes back and purifies it. There was once an old, contentious Quaker who went from one meeting to another, never finding the “true” church. Someone once said to him, “Well, what church are you in now?” He said, “I am in the true church at last.” “How many belong to it?” “Just my wife and myself, and I am not sure about her sometimes.”

In the end we must make as much of an effort as possible to never tear or rip the body of Christ apart. Denominations are not evil, but whatever denomination you decide to attend make sure you are helping to cause healing and knitting rather than ripping and tearing.


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