Back To This Land

“Behold, I [am] with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.” Gen 28:15 NKJV

This is home.

This is home.

So its been a while since I have written on here and you are probably wondering what ever happened to that guy? He said he wasn’t sure if he would be staying in Ecuador or not. Well, I have taken my sweet time to update you all to make sure that what I tell you really is what I will be doing. I had been praying for a long time in what to do. When I was in Ecuador I had planned to not even come back to California to visit, in fear that I would never want to return to Ecuador. My dad had offered to buy me a ticket and come visit, which after praying on it for a while decided would be a much needed opportunity to rest. As time got closer and closer I felt as if maybe it was time to move on.

God has given me such freedom in my relationship with Him. I have always felt it was my calling “to the nations” and when I asked God which nation He would always give me a verse “nations”. That is how I ended up in Ecuador in the first place, I just picked it and God was with me. I have seen that God is with me where ever I go, and that it isn’t really all that much where I am but who I am and what I am doing. Anywhere and ever where there is ministry and nine times out of ten it doesn’t matter where you go, just as long as you go. You can see this in the life of Paul, he is always making plans to go somewhere going to where him seems the best, although always with the tagline of “if God allows it” (with the few exceptions where God told him specifically to go somewhere but that was the exception not the rule).

My experience, despite my expectations, has been the same. I always expected that God would call me to a specific place and to a specific ministry, but instead He has always given me the freedom to choose where to go and what to do, just as long as I am honoring and living for Him in it.

All that to say that I have officially decided to stay in California. If there is any nation that I have a burden and a love for it would be my country. I so badly want to see our nation, the United States of America, to once again be one nation under God. God has already shown that He has been with me. Since being here I have found a great deal on a car, got a great job working at the Target Distribution center, and will continue to take college courses in Criminal Justice and seek employment as a police officer. I have considered perhaps going to law school eventually and getting involved in politics, but we will see where God leads.

If you are wondering what will happen to this blog I will keep writing. I love to write and something I would like to continue to encourage you all in is that you can be a missionary in all that you do and anywhere you go. So I will be writing about my experiences here in California as well as continuing to write the devotional messages.

If there is anything that I can tell you from what I learned in Ecuador is was that God keeps His promises. He promised to send me out to the nations and He did. He promised that there would be opposition and there was. He promised me victory and there was. He was always with me and He has continued to be with me. I have a feeling that isn’t going to stop and am excited to see what curve balls God has for me in Southern California, which just so happens to be one of the most diverse places on earth (the nations are all here).

3 responses to “Back To This Land

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing and hearing about all God does with, in and through you.

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