Matthew 5:4: Mourning can be a blessing

Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted -Matthew 5:4 NKJV

No one likes to mourn. No one wants to experience the pain and suffering which comes from losing someone whom you love. Its probably one of the most terrible pains you can ever experience. It amazes me that the human body is even capable of feeling such terrible pain, that such an emotion is even possible from the confines of flesh and bones, so much so that the very existence of such pain convinces me of the unseen reality of the soul.

Something we must keep in remembrance as we study the sermon on the mount is that this teaching is specifically directed at Jesus’ disciples. Only once you have made yourself a disciple and follower of Christ can this beatitude make any sense.

The word blessed means “oh, how happy”. How can someone who mourns also be called happy? In fact the AMP version states “blessed and enviably happy”. This is only a happiness that you can know, and even envy of others, when you have also experienced the comfort of God. Truly it is an enviably happiness to see someone who has found comfort in God despite their pain. There is a certain glow about someone who has suffered and been comforted by God– a certain peace and joy that you cannot help but desire. This kind of comfort can only be gained through suffering. It is the kind of comfort which Christ received from the Father as He went to the cross and later resurrected from the dead– it is this same comfort which Christ received (knowing and understanding what it means to be human and to suffer) which he can comfort us with and with which we can in turn comfort others.

No one wants to suffer, but when they see the glow of unexplainable joy of spiritual prosperity and peace about the face of one who does they cannot help but see the good that it has done them, and perhaps subconsciously (for few would dare to say it or think it) they envy them. If you are suffering, go to Christ and you will be comforted. You will be blessed, and you will be envied.



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