The Online Devotional-Commentary

Hello readers!

I am going to be adding another category to the blog (ambitious I know). I’m really excited about this because I was praying for direction in my devos. I have felt for some time that I didn’t really know what to read. I started to wish there was a devotional that would take me through the whole bible.

Often times devotionals are so disconnected to the chapter and book that they are talking about. They are almost always topical. But a commentary can be almost too much for every day study.

I decided that to give myself direction I could follow along with my new ESV study bible and “brief” each chapter as I did so. This idea came to me when I was praying about how to get excited again about my devos and what to read.

In law school, we brief each case to understand the facts of the case, the issue, the procedure, the rule, the application and the conclusion all so that way we can learn the law and how to apply it. This is called IRAC.

In inductive bible study they do something similar called OICA –which stands for observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.

All that to say I am going to be doing my devos 1 chapter a day and posting them on here for you. By the end there should be some commentary and application which in a –brief– way pulls out some of the main principles or lessons God was teaching me.

Now, I can’t promise I will be posting every single day, but my goal is to get close to that. You are welcome to follow along if you like. We will be starting in Genesis and going all the way straight through till Revelation. You should read the whole chapter that the devo is on first, then reflect and pray on it on your own, and then read the devo on that chapter last.

It may not always be a strict OICA, but it will be written with the intent of staying true to the context of the verse, chapter, book, and bible as a whole. It may even just focus on one main concept or thought. But it will not be divorced from the context.  I plan to try to keep each post under 500 words, so it won’t be comprehensive. But I hope that it can be devotional, with a little more meat to it, to you as much as it is to me.

See Day 1 here

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