Genesis 1:1-25 — Creator of Order and Everything Else

Read Genesis 1:1-25


There was a beginning, and God created it and everything in it –ex nihilo (out of nothing). To have a beginning, and to be creating at it, means that God, necessarily, pre-existed the beginning. The word for God is Elohim, which is in the plural. And yet the verb create is singular. This is the first indication in the Bible, from the beginning, of the triune nature of God.

The creation took six days, with one day of rest. There is some debate if these are literal days or “days” according to God’s perspective (a thousand years is like one day to the Lord, 2 Peter 3:8). Others think the day is merely the passing of time, and not to be taken literally.

I prefer literal days. In verse 3 God marks time, an evening and a morning, as the first day. He did this on the day that He created light and separated it from darkness. But, He had not yet created the “lights in the expanse” or the “greater and lesser light” (the sun and the moon) until the fourth day. That means He marked time before time was measurable by that standard.

How did God measure time as a morning and an evening when the instruments of measuring morning and evening were not yet in existence? This once was pointed out to me by a critic, and has bugged me ever since.

On reflection I realized the context can help me to understand. It is on day four God created the lights, the sun, and the moon for the express purpose to be for signs, seasons, days and years. The rising and setting of the sun is only a “sign” to measure time, but God knew how long that would take before the instrument to measure it was even created. Time as a concept existed before it was marked and measured by days and nights or stars and seasons.

The measure of time can depend on your perspective. Earth astronauts measure time according to earth time, despite that time measuring can change depending on where you are in the universe. The concept of measuring time does not depend on having the sun in front of you to do so, only that you know how long it takes for one earth day to be complete.

God in His foreknowledge knew how long an earth day would take. And then He created an earth day, on day four, for the very purpose of creating a way to even measure an earth day at all. In other words, God understood what time was before there was an earthly way to measure it. This shows foreknowledge, and shows a plan.

Everything that God made was good. God doesn’t make bad things. In fact, it doesn’t say that God created good. Rather, He called what He created good. Since he called the first things of creation “good” good also pre-existed creation. This is because what is good or evil is knowledge that God already possessed, and God Himself is good.

There was an order to it all. There seems to be a pattern of two which are separated from each other, and yet related.

For example: heaven and earth, light from darkness, day and night, morning and evening, expanse above from expanse below, water separated from land, earth and its flora, lights in the heavens for measuring on the earth, the sun and the moon, the sea from its creatures, the skies and its birds, the earth and the animals that dwell on it, and lastly man and woman.

There is an order, a separating, but still an overall relation and system. All completed within seven days. Seven in the Bible is the number of wholeness, completeness, and holiness. The number two can represent division of opposites or union of separates. Here, it represents both. It shows both how light and darkness are opposites, and yet are united according to God’s purpose of having a day and a night.


God has a plan. Even if you can’t see it all. God knew what He was doing. He created everything with a purpose, and did so in an order. That means you have a purpose, and God has the same plan for you that He has for His creation.

Don’t let Bible critics trip up your faith. Every time I have been challenged God has been faithful to provide an answer.

God is not disconnected. From the very beginning He has been actively involved in His creation, and from the very beginning you have been part of His plan. He loves you, because He made you. That is the way God has wanted it from the beginning, but the ultimate choice is yours.

I could easily go on, because there is so much more in this chapter, but I will leave that up to you. Feel free to comment on any reflection you had below.

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