Genesis 7-8 — God Remembers You

Read Genesis Chapter 7 through 8.


The LORD calls Noah to go into the ark, with his family and with 7 pairs (so 14 total) of every clean animal and a pair of every unclean animal. Having this many of the clean animals would ensure their survival, and would allow for Noah and his family to eat them later as food and use them for sacrifices.

The heavens above and the fountains below opened up, and it rained for the first time in the earths history for 40 days and 40 nights. The waters then prevailed for 150 days, and then for another 150 days the waters abated. This means that Noah and the inhabitants of the ark spent a total of 370 days in the ark.

Chapter 8, verse 1 contrasts the prevailing waters stating “but God remembered Noah…” During the wrath of God, God remembered Noah and that he was the only righteous man on earth. God delivered Noah and his family, and the ark, through the flood and through His wrath.

When they finally exited the ark they left in “families.” With having spent over a year in the ark, it is likely that the animals had already begun to reproduce.

Noah makes a sacrifice from some of every clean animal and bird as a burnt offering to the LORD. The LORD smelled this BBQ, and as most do when they smell a BBQ he was pleased by the aroma. The word pleasing here though is more than just the pleasing aroma we are used to, it conveys the idea of rest and tranquility (and is related to Noah’s name and his fathers prophecy about Noah).

Although man is still evil, and was not changed by the flood God promises to never curse the ground again because of man.

The illustration of salvation through one righteous man, and the importance of sacrifice that pleases and abates God’s wrath is well told though in this historical story.


When you are in a flood, a storm, know that God has not forgotten you. Like He remember Noah, He remembers you. He knows that the intentions of your heart is evil. And yet He sent His Son to deliver you anyways. He has redeemed you from the flood of death and sin.

Noah is the picture of that. And if God was pleased by the sacrifice of the clean animals, how much more so is God’s wrath soothed by the sacrifice of His own Son? Your debt is paid.

But, like Noah, don’t forget to thank God when He brings you through the storm. Don’t forget to worship Him.

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