Don’t give up on California


Today while in a Christian Legal Society meeting one of the attorneys brought up a prayer request to pray that Christians “would not give up on California” and for prayer for our leaders.

I grew up in California, and I’ve seen a mass exodus of Christians and non-Christians alike, for many reasons. At one point I wanted to be one of them, and even gave up hope myself for a time while living in the UK. Most of the reasons are probably economic, but those of us who have stayed have heard so much about how horrible of a place it is — spiritually and otherwise.

I’ve lived in three different continents and I can honestly say California is pretty great. It has so many beautiful things about it: the grand Sierra Nevada‘s, beautiful ocean sunsets, vast deserts full of mystery and adventure, a true mixing pot of culture, a solid infrastructure with the world’s 6th (sometimes 5th) largest economy in the world, etc.

But Christians have condemned it to die a slow death, to reap what it sowed in its sinful liberal ways (a bit of tongue in cheek here, not saying that liberalism is anti-Christian [let’s reserve that discussion for another day]). They wash their hands as they take their hard earned money to Texas, or else where, to live free and watch the rest of us burn.

First of all, things really aren’t that bad when you compare it to the rest of the world (and that is true for all those who have given up hope on America as well). Second of all, have courage and stand up to fight the good fight. Run if you will, but I for one know the battle is here, now.

California is a beautiful place, full of beautiful souls who just need to hear, and more importantly see in our lives, the love of God. Don’t give up hope just yet. Let’s pray for our leaders and pray for our State that it comes back to God. It wasn’t that long ago that California was a very different place, full of very different political and religious beliefs. We may have lapsed in our duties as watchmen on the wall, but there is hope yet.

Have faith.

And even if you’ve left, don’t stop praying for us.

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