Testament to Change

I spent almost my entire chidhood creatively thinking of ways to get out of school.

If you know me you’ve heard a story or two about how I “broke my ankle” for a year so I could get out of class (and even using a wheel chair for a bit even though it was totally unnecessary). Or if you ask my mom I was a poor sickly child who got sick at least once a week then miraculously recovered in time to play video games shortly after. 😉🤣😂

I’ve spent my entire adult life in higher education and continually feel the pull towards it (I mean hey I had a lot of making up to do).

It all began when I truly surrendered my life to the Lord at 18 and began to study His word. I learned so much, and it changed me. Ever since I’ve had an insatiable desire and drive to learn. I never knew that through all this God would be making such a testament to His power and glory.

In grade school and high school my teachers often doubted my intelligence. Even my own friends would sometimes call me dumb (I can have blond moments so perhaps that’s why). But looking back I see how that prepared me for the culture of academia, which often loses touch with reality in the heady world of prestige, puffery, and real exacerbating mental effort.

I still find all this ironic from time to time. But it goes to show you that God really does have a plan.

The moment I think I’ve become someone smart or special I am quickly checked by who I know I really am. Just a person who took God at His word and let Him do his work.

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