A Friend Indeed

My heart is bleeding out, bleeding out.

I can’t stop it flowing out, flowing out.

What can I say, You warned me all along,

and now faithful to the work, my prayers for her still belong.


A friend to her I will forever be,

I purposed in my heart.

A friend in good and a friend in bad you see,

That is a friend indeed.


I don’t know how to do this,

I don’t know if its even what she really wants,

But a love felt is a love shown,

Even if her love ill never own.


Please don’t let that word scare you off,

For love can take so many a form,

A daughter or son, a mother or father, a sister or brother,

A friend, or more, yet perhaps to come…


I fought so hard, your heart to win,

I would fight some more, except for the peace that beckons within,

“Be still, and know I am here” it whispers,

Such gentle words that break my bones.


I have so much more to learn He says,

But your teacher will be the pain itself,

I know nothing truly yet of Your ways,

Until the fire refines and burns away all self.


Your heart, O God, bled for me until it broke,

They pierced Your side, where water and blood flowed out.

What can I say, You knew what You were doing all along,

Faithful to the work, Your prayers for me still belong.

© 2011, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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