Dear Father in heaven hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come thy will be done, forever be Your fame.

Thank You for the precious soul that has opened up this little poem,

Search their heart and may your Spirit be free to roam.


May their love abound still evermore,

Grow in them knowledge and discernment in all your lore.

Refresh and renew in them a heart anew,

To approve all that is most excellent to You,

Let them be sincere without offense,

Filled with the fruits of righteousness.


Whether by their life or by their death, be magnified.

In death,Your Holy presence gained, in life Christ’s work glorified.

Only let their conduct be worthy and unswerving,

So that when You return they will be found faithfully serving.

It has been divinely granted for them to believe,

And for Your sake, suffering, so that they may be able to receive.

A larger blessing of comfort, joy, eternal rewards and maturity it will bring.

Create in them to be of one accord, unity of Christ’s Cross make them cling.


Lord this especially do I pray,

Remind them each and every day,

To look at others in humility;

For esteeming others more important prevents pride’s casualties.


For You my mighty King of Kings,

Of whom all creation longs to worship and sing,

is eternally infinite power, restrained in but a vessel of clay,

With the same tools of Your trade would you be made a public display.

The clashing of a hammer and the smell of fresh wood,

Familiar and fitting Your death the ultimate example of servant-hood.


You continue to carve and cut away,

Into our hearts a lamp for Your light to sway;

Chip, saw and file our soul,

Blameless, beyond reproach, running the race without a foul.



In You only Lord, do we rejoice,

It’s as simple as just making the choice.

To forget those things which are behind and reach forth unto those before,

Every moment remembering, its You truly who we adore.


Praise be to the One above who loves to hear His child’s supplication,

Teach us to be content in every situation.

Your perfect peace surpassing,

Guides my heart and mind in understanding;

To the things that are true, honest, pure and just.

For in this it pleases You and keeps me from sin’s destructive lust.


For without The Son of Man,

I am doomed to the destroyers plan,

But through The Vine,

Can this branch do all things fine.


One more thing do I humbly plea,

Touch the person who now reads,

Show them all Your glory moving,

Reveal the power of Your Spirit flowing,

Whisper softly into their heart,

Of the sacrifice You endured on their part.

Let their life be a constant prayer never ending,

With amen only a word of beginning.

Suggested supplemental reading: The Book of Philippians

© 2007, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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