Church History

Before you read “Church History” I have to preface it with what it was written for and about. It is a comparison of the history of the Christian church in relation to the beatitudes found in Matthew Chapter five. I realize that most of my critique of church history is negative, this isn’t to say that I have forgotten that the good probably out weighs the bad, in fact I would bet money on it that it does. But, that does not excuse our mistakes as Christians in history, and my primary reason for writing this is an apology to all who have been offended or would be offended by the misrepresentation of Jesus throughout history, either modern or ancient.

Through whose eyes shall we view

The history of mankind, God or you?

To a world dwelling in darkness came Light,

The promised Messiah taught us right.


Rock of Ages, the Lone Cornerstone,

Yet they laid many a stone of their own.

What precious gems of truth are held in the beatitudes,

How does time tell the story of the church’s attitude?


Poor in spirit yours is the Kingdom.

Rich in pride, Behold the Pope of Christendom.

Many hearts are mourning,

But few found comforting,

Infants are slain,

 Villages lack grain;

If we and they had but shared,

The world would know someone cared.


This picture painted seems quite bleak,

But how few sought the inheritance of the meek.

Records clearly state,

Evidence of compromising fate,

Accepting into the fold,

False sheep and evil doctrines of old.


Where compromise lacked, hate surely reigned.

Enforced through the sword of failure gained,

Thirsty for blood and hungry for power,

Salt without flavor, seeds lacking a sower.


Judgment and cruelty,

Dispensed in place of mercy.

Impure hearts spew all that’s inside,

In turn fogs of blindness reside.


Warmongers that claim to be heirs of Peace,

If not in our arms then in our hearts at least.

The persecutions that hurt most of all,

Comes from those within our own walls.


Darkness without, Darkness within,

Even the strongest would lose hope if it weren’t for Him.

Displayed in time the value of truth refined,

Praise God for His Word Divine.


In the words of a man much wiser than I,

No attempt at explanation,

No excuse of justification,

Only an apology for an era of misrepresentation.

© 2007, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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