God Was Near

There is a gaping hole,
You cannot see it,
Nor can it be touched,
You wouldn’t even know.

If you saw me you might say,
Hes just fine.
I would say it too-
be it a lie or two.

No, no I am not fine.
For I have a gaping hole.
It is there where I once loved,
Where once I felt it true.

Knives I carry deep in my chest,
Longing to fill this hole with rest.
I want my love back,
But it had to end should it be anew.

They say God is near,
To those who’s heart breaks through.
They say that.
I hope to find it true.

But… it isn’t God whose far;
It’s me.
I’m lost now,
And falling evermore.

And yet, there is my God,
Pouring out His love.
Soothing cool through bright hue;
Mending, binding and softly reminding-

He loves me.
God the maker of all loves me.
How can I explain,
That which can only be known experientially?

I am a lost man,
Yet, somehow I find myself found.
All because God was near,
To the broken hearted and seared.

©2013 Matthew Camphuis, all rights reserved.

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