Love, Beautiful Painful Love.

Is this how You feel?

To love, but not be loved back.

To desire fellowship, but be shunned.

To hope for more, but find none.


I feel this for one woman,

and my heart may well neigh burst.

You feel this for the world;

I can’t imagine the pain.


And yet, here You comfort me,

here You encourage me,

here You console my spirit;

here, You are here…


Is this how you feel?

When I run to darkness,

to hide from merciful light.

This same pain I feel for her,

Tenfold it You have known.


How I want to lead her hand,

To heal that precious hurting heart,

to look into her eyes and see the fear depart.

To draw her near, to love her, just her.


You loved me, before I loved You.

You chose me, before I ever knew.

You drew me, before I found You.

You saved me, after all I’ve ever done.


Is this how you feel?

One whom hereby reads,

Please, don’t run away any longer

and His heart and mine you’ll find.


If out of darkness, you will come

So in light, love you will find.

Oh, how good, you would see,

If with me you would just be.
© 2011, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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