My Heart Burns

My Heart Burns

When not you I find at side,
My heart burns deep inside.
I dare not tell you yet,
For fear you would run in fret.

It’s a burn that has but one soothe;
Like cool comfort to an aching soul.
When I feel you aside I fear nothing,
No nothing– nothing but you to lose.

Did you mean what you sung?
Your eyes told me so….
I felt that gaze so deep,
My life you almost stole.

Such moments treasured,
As never I have afore.
I have already given you a gift,
That none have known before.

Every moment so tender…
Your gentle touch breaks my bone.
I can feel once again in this cold, cold heart–
You have freed it from graven stone.

Now my heart burns,
And perhaps it always will…
Until finally I find you,
At my side, both you and my heart tranquil.

© 2013, Matthew W. Camphuis all rights reserved.

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