Rescue Me

I’ve fallen a million times,
And a million times again.
Then I fell a few more,
Longing to hit the floor.

You’d never know,
Unless you asked,
Except that seeing eye would see me well,
That in depth darkness dwells.

I confess my sin,
Faithful and just is He,
To forgive and cleanse,
All depths, without and within.

I quote that to myself,
Every time anew.
Evolvingly precious it is,
Since I find it ever true.

I feel such a hypocrite,
But God knows it all along,
If He says He will forgive,
Who am I to contend?

I want a new heart,
This one weighs of stone,
It seems unbreakable,
Gripped in graven bone.

I confess, my God, I confess,
Restore to me joy careless.
I am sick of me,
I long to be free.

I am on the verge I know,
With mud slung rain,
Deep in mirey clay,
Neck deep in sludge below.

Fighting to stay afloat,
There sun shine, give holy glow.
Beaming ever so bright through,
Darkness, screeching, yields to light’s truth.

Yes, I see the shore,
Of breaking clear blue sky,
Just a little ways away,
As mercies’ light guides my way.

I’ll be ok, I’ll be ok.
My conscious to me assures.
My God will rescue me,
And, by God, I’ll be ok.

© 2012, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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