Secret Love

I have a secret love;
You know, the kind that’s never told.
The only constant about it, you ask?
Each week it grows tenfold.

It started out just a thought,
Of, “Hey, what about…”
I admired her for her heart,
Yet, kept a distance, my feelings to thwart.

This defensive stance,
I learned so long ago.
The Proverbs, they speak,
To guard your heart oh so well.

Yet, I must be frank with you my friend,
there may have been some fear afterall.
Instead of a simple wise man’s plan;
I feared, most of all, of what could be… real.

If I….
Maybe then….
But what if….
Oh dear Lord help me with….

True love isn’t like those fairy tails of old,
It has in tow much more, you see,
True love is serious, life changing even,
Or so I’ve been told.

But oh, how beautiful she is.
At times she seems as pure light,
So ablaze, that to look at her gives me fright.
But wait, who’s light is that, ever bright?

How stupid I have become,
How did I not see this before,
That light, oh so bright,
Is Christ, the King of Love.

The heart I see in her is the heart of my beloved,
What I really love in her,
Is what I fear to love above.
How subtly do our hearts deceive.

Still though,
if ever there was a one,
I should only be so lucky,

Her heart to have won.

Until then,
I’ll learn to love from the source,
It was here all along,
In God’s One and Only Son.

© 2012, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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