The Choice

In the beginning it’s quite clearly stated,

That there was One by whom all things were created.

Void and without form a sphere resided,

Where on the face of the deep darkness abided.

Was not even the slightest of motion,

Except for the Spirit of God who shook still waters of the oceans.

Eternal silence eradicated as words came forth,

Let there be light, a joyous chorus followed with mirth.

What had been said had been done,

For great was the power from whom it was from.

Darkness violently torn asunder, by the blinding light of thunder,

How awesome a sight to behold, mere words containing chaos in order.

And so it was, that light was named day and darkness named night,

This was the end of day one, demonstrated in might.


Next came the sound of trumpets abounding,

With the voice of the Lord utterly surrounding.

All the earth trembled at one small phrase,

And all the angels gazed in astounding wonder and amaze.

“Let there be a firmament so that I can show it conquered”,

Without delay terrifying storms blundered, at the command so rightly rendered.

Water reluctantly giving way, to the strength of power arrayed.

Rumbles and sprays the giant blue roared in dismay,

Waters beneath and vapors above.

“I shall name this expanse heaven so all can see my hard work done in love”;

Ended thus day number two, dual blue giants swaying in tune.


Faithful to finish what He began, a purpose unfolded.

Whispers gently pummeled as water gathered, shaped, and molded.

The secret now unveiled dry land ready for birth;

Rocks, sand, and dirt all came forth from the abundance of the earth;

Grass, Herb, and Tree he placed ever so diligently,

All yielding to its kind their fruit and seed unceasingly.

Caring for each tiny detail till He was pleased and concluded, glorious day three.


Seeing in foresight, He placed a great many lights, sun for day; moon for night.

Burning flames unquenched and bright, reflecting glory assures and promises darkness despite.

Replicated till infinity and more,

Just so that earth could dwell in starlit galore.

One and a third of the stars drawn by a dragon’s tail,

Pride comes before the fall, cursed in the path of a mortal’s trail.

Truly a reign established everlasting,

Leaving nowhere for darkness a place of resting.

Except earth to dwell, bitter and exposed in plain sight,

Victoriously in delight it was over, the fourth day done outright.


Just as the great oceans had started to settle and the winds calm,

Another surprise was gracefully given in the greatest of alms.

Long and drawn out singing echoed down in the deep,

Notes and chirps the winged creatures could keep.

Spoken into existence with a simple “let it be”,

“Birds of a feather and fish of the sea be fruitful and multiply” said He.

Satisfied as life was rampant; finished in full was day five,

Still yet these were but the least of the presents to arrive.


From the bosoms of the elements of the earth,

All living creatures were instructed to come forth.

This was no small task of two parallel paths, able only to meet in the mind of a King,

Beast to Bug worship by simply being would bring,

Of all that was made something still vital was missing.

None could truly relate to the maker of all things living,

Communion needed to be greater, than all created,

Image and form, hewn into a shape, of that which was replicated.

Humble beginnings; clumped, lumped and bolted,

Dust of the ground; gathered and folded.

Breath seeping from heart to heart, a precious eternal soul it did impart.

Undeservingly made His precious treasure, destined to be set apart.

A phantom of the Almighty Three in One: spirit, flesh and soul.

A stewardship given to have dominion, with responsibility close in toll.

The day of mans observation had begun,

Complete day six was with not a single thing left undone.


Pulse of creation symphonizing the glory of just one sound,

“Holy, Holy, Holy” sung all around.

Hallowed day seven arrived, His will fully done,

Rested and blessed, sanctified and purified; forever to remain until Kingdom come.

As awesome a story to be retold the truth is it’s such a small part all in all,

True love must be made with a choice no desire for a simple thrall.

Through one man’s sin death instantly resulted,

Ashamed and unclean Adam and Eve’s Eden abuptly halted.

A lesson had to be learned through the curve of pain and sorrows,

For through that one discovers that joy always follows.

Just and righteous in good conscious this deed could not be left unpunished,

In mercy and love a completed plan left unfinished.

For one’s actions there is a consequence, even for a steward’s providence.

Fellowship shattered and broken, so earnestly desiring to be regained,

Looking for hope to come is all that remained.


Child of man under guardianship of the Law,

Until the age of accountability was held in awe.

None able to open the scroll, except for Him who died alone,

A barrowed throne destroyed without the breaking of a single bone.

Because of the death of another salvation reigned,

Upon His shoulders He stoutly held bondage of death sustained.

Name above all names, exalted, as the lamb was led to the slaughter;

Call out to Jesus your savior for He shall never falter.

Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth,

This is all that’s required to be transformed to His Temple Mount.


Lies from the enemy can prevent faith’s leap,

Self-centered desires of a wicked heart hand over a soul for the enemy to keep.

Behold, I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End;

I come quickly like a thief in the night so make your amends.

If you are thirsty then drink of the fountain of life,

For he that overcomes inherits all things without strife.

Yet still what you sow, that you reap;

Eternal torment, gnashing of teeth, not a moment of sleep.

All this for moment’s pleasures,

None to blame but yourself forever.


A sure sign of responsibility,

Is the evidence of accountability.

This daily choice is yours to make,

Words from your heart with actions do take,

Not by your own strength can this endeavor be done,

But only by the simplicity of humility, before The Son.

© 2007, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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