The Upward Path

I feel alone,
I feel on my own.
At times my heart envies the world,
Since they find comfort so.

I know I’m not alone.
I know I’m not on my own.
I know that what they do is empty,
And the comfort fleeting.

Even still though,
This is how I feel.
Longing for more,
For that which isn’t even real.

I am but human,
Frail flesh do I consist.
My life is vapor,
I have but one more breath.

I can’t live for feelings,
Life is much too short for that.
Yet, if I make it through what I know,
It will be a miracle to show.

I have walked the valley of death,
That was not my trial of merit.
It is now upon this high precipice,
That if I fall will be my verdict.

Yes, the narrow path of righteousness,
Winding ever higher,
Ever smaller,
Ever harder.

If I fall from here,
You I’ll bring with.
Such trust placed,
In a sinner prone to disgrace.

This brings me to one place,
I can’t turn back its too late.
I must go forward in hope,
Trusting in Him alone.

I have heard the counsel of the aged,
That there is no better life lived,
Then the one whom God they served-
Humility and love their saving grace.

“I have seen many a good man fall.”
He said.
“But its those who let the Lord lift them up,
Who can return from the dead”.

God, by your mercy uphold me.
By your grace empower me,
Through your love change me,
And into your image conform me.

©2012, Matt Camphuis all rights reserved.

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