The Online-Devotional Commentary

Follow this Christian daily online devotional-commentary written in a brief and concise way with a focus on staying in context and providing application every day.

You will study from Genesis to Revelation reading one chapter (sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more) a day, or you can read two chapters a day and do one entry in the morning and the subsequent entry in the evening.

It’s not meant to be comprehensive, so you may still have to dig deeper if you have further questions, but I hope it will bless you to do your devotionals just a little differently with an eye to context and an ear to apply the scriptures to your life.


Day 1 — Genesis 1:1-25 — Creator of Order and Everything Else

Day 2 — Genesis 1:26-31 — The Value and Purpose of His Image.

Day 3 — Genesis 2:1-25 — The Joy of Work and the Need for Help

Day 4 — Genesis 3:1-24 — Man’s Choice Coupled with God’s Plan

Day 5 — Genesis 4:1-26 — Faith, not Sacrifice

Day 6 — Genesis 5:1-32 — Walk with God

Day 7 — Genesis 6:1-22 — The Baptism of the Earth